Why Do We Need To Control Overpopulation ?

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Our world population is increasing every single day. This rapidly increasing world population will have severe consequences on the environment, economy and inflation. According to research in 2019 our world population is 7.674 billion. According to a study the world population by the year 2050 will be 9 billion. This increasing population has a severe effect globally. If the earth is overpopulated there will be a scarcity of food, water, energy, land, jobs and will also have an effect on the environment.

So, what policies should the governments implement to control the population? We need to educate women from the impacts of overpopulation. As well as the actions of governments of a country can play an important role in the controlling of overpopulation. If the government implements laws, rules and regulation on every citizen to limit the breeding and spread awareness particularly among the primitive people of overpopulation and its consequences. It’s the duty of every human to spread the awareness of overpopulation and for the sake of the next generation take some positive steps. Let’s have a look at how overpopulation demolishes the world’s future and peace.

Impacts of Overpopulation

The biggest effect of overpopulation is deforestation. As the population increases the need for land also increases. Deforestation leads to desertification which destroys natural habitats and reinforces carbon dioxide emissions, which cause climate change and global warming. Scientists predict that if we don’t stop deforestation the earth temperature will rise and will no longer be a place for living things. If the temperature of the earth increases, the glaciers will melt down and the sea level will rise and the flood will take place.

If the earth becomes overpopulated, scarcity of water and food will rise on peak as people will demand for more water for their domestic and agriculture uses, the utilization of water will exceed which will lower the groundwater as well as the water for turbines in dams will fall short and dams will dry up which will contribute in the lost of electricity. There will be a time that no water will be found on earth as a result, all the living things will die of thirst and starvation gradually.

If we take a look at the Covid19 pandemic, the most populous countries are more likely affected than the less populous countries. For instance, India and the United States are both overpopulated countries. The virus was out of control in both countries and about 380k people died from it in India and 615k people died in the United states. It would be difficult for the countries with overpopulation to have control on pandemics. Illiteracy and in some countries lack of sex education is one of the main factor which contributes to the overpopulation.


As a human it is the duty of all human beings to spread awareness about the severe consequences of the overpopulation. We need to save the planet from the pandemics and disasters. We need to plant more trees and stop the deforestation for the upcoming generation. We need to start campaigns on social media to aware the people of the consequences of our doings. According to Sir Stephen Hawking, this fragile planet won’t survive for another 100 years if we don’t stop affecting mother nature.

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